Technical Specifications

National Gypsum’s 1/2" ThermalCORE Panel contains
Micronal®*phase change material (PCM) produced by BASF. Micronal is a microencapsulated, highpurity paraffin wax. This material changes phase from solid to liquid when it reaches 73° F, absorbing thermal energy to help moderate a room’s temperature. When temperatures fall, the wax solidifies and releases heat. This alternating process of melting and solidifying allows ThermalCORE to absorb daytime temperature peaks, ideally providing a more consistent room temperature.

ThermalCORE is faced with a fiberglass mat and is manufactured with an enhanced mold resistant core. For ease of installation, ThermalCORE comes standard with GridMarX® guide marks printed on the surface. These guide marks align with standard building dimensions and help to quickly identify fastener lines for stud and joint framing. The panels require a skim coat and will accept decoration similar to standard gypsum board.


  • Provides added thermal mass
    not typically found in traditional lightweight construction.
  • Moderates indoor climate and provides a more consistent temperature.
  • Potential for greater energy efficiency through latent heat storage.
  • Phase change material is contained within virtually indestructible microscopic acrylic capsules which will not leak.
  • BASF has subjected Micronal to 10,000 cycles to verify durability.
  • Fiberglass facer and treated core provides extra protection against mold growth per ASTM D 3273, achieving a score of 10, the best possible score.
  • Handles and installs like regular gypsum board.